Spell “E X C U R S I O N”

Got the spelling right?

Now what does the word mean?

-a short journey made for pleasure.


I recall a number of remarkable moments in my life as a child, and some of the most prominent were the ship excursions our dad took us on.

Daddy was not doing anything beyond himself, he was simply taking us along a few times to his familiar sites. But for us, those were precious experiences, we can never forget.

How many times have you said to yourself that you cannot take your children on excursions because it is not in the budget?

How many times have you told yourself that one day in the future you will plan big for a trip with them to a multinational?

I dare tell you that most good things in life are free and all around you, if only you will look and see.

Visit to a nearby bakery just around the corner




Is there a factory in your neighbourhood? Is there a bakery around you? Is there a sachet water company close to you? Ever sighted a cream or soap producing factory in your city?You never know what will fire up an innate entrepreneurial ability in your child.

Try taking your child along to a bank, and speak to some officials, you’ll be amazed how eager they’ll be to answer your child’s questions.A pharmacist might be thankful that your child added some spice to his daily routine, if only you’ll try.Take your child for a hospital visit, some days are quiet and your child’s curiosity can be attended to in a short while.


Visit to a Bank

You might fear building sites, for the many objects that might cause cuts and bruises, but from a safe distance your child can engage an architect, a bricklayer even a painter and you never can tell if in the near future your child will produce a paint with unique features, or a differently packaged cement.


Your boss might even love the idea of your child stopping by once a year, like a company where I once worked.You’ll never know till you try!





It’s commendable that your child reads books. Bravo! but take a further step and  add some practical experience and exposure, you can only guess it’s far reaching effect.

Children having a blast on the trip to a Poultry Farm
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