A must read for excellent examination preparation.
I mentor two children from different families, and coincidentally they are both twins. In both families, one in each set was below average and not doing well academically compared to their siblings who were high flyers. I requested for their notes and discovered that the twin in each family that was not doing well did not have appropriately written and updated notes. (one family attends a category A school and the other a category C school.)
As Parents and Guardians, we must be proactive when it comes to our children’s education. Do not wait till examination approach before you check their notes – do this consistently. It is our collective responsibility; the parents, guardians, teachers and the child.
At this stage in life, children have limited knowledge of themselves and your role is to give guidance and act at their blind spot. We need to pay attention to the important things like choice of school, child’s learning ability and other details like reading, handwriting and personality type.
As custodians, we must not be passive in assessing our children educational performance but rather be proactive. The example cited above was about twi
ns, so siblings also should be given equal attention.

Examinations play a vital role in determining the future of our children, and as Parents, Guardians and care givers, we can provide the right support that prepares them for the future. Today, we will be sharing with you some ideas that we have applied here at NKBC and other communities where we teach and have recorded success. We have applauding testimonies at NKBC using these approaches, and we are sure your kids will too. Here are some tips your kids can use to improve their studying ability. Feel free to share your experiences as you apply these tips in your children’s study life.

Thank you and God bless you.


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