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Tonye Obinna-Igbokwe           Creative Director

Jesus at the Centre

Changing lives

Neighbourhood Kiddies Bible Club (NKBC) was founded in 2016 based on the scriptures: Prov. 13:24 & Prov. 22:15, after the “KIDS END OF SUMMER GROOVE”, which held from the 1st – 3rd of September 2016. It is a back to school summer program which is organised mainly for children in Primary school with the aim of establishing in the minds of the young ones the true place of Christ in our lives and in all things; “THE CENTRE”. We want our kids to be intentional about making Jesus at the centre, and this was the theme song. Although the Club was founded after the event, the club now serves as the umbrella body for the future Back to School events.

Why the name NEIGHBOURHOOD? I remember praying and asking God for a name, and I heard -neighbourhood. I didn’t use that name immediately, but one day, as I was discussing with my Mother on combining work and my weekends now for kids, she just said I needed grace that God will take control; that years back she saw children gathering in a neighbourhood to learn the word of God, but she never had the leading to start. That was an immediate confirmation that it was the Hand of God.
In 2015 , my son Kelu and his cousins had a sleepover, and we decided to look for activities that would teach them life skills from a very young age, and it grew from there. The name started as Kelu and cousins then more families wanted to become involved, so it became Kelu, cousins and friends. This little event has now evolved to kiddies summer grove or kiddies back to school

The Club is open to all children between the ages of 4-16yrs and meets every Sunday from 4pm-6pm (except on 2nd Sunday of the month and the Sunday after the last Saturday) and holds her prayer meetings every last Saturday of the month from 8am-9am, The Prayer meeting is usually a morning event which involves reading the scriptures, with breakfast and some fun after the prayers.
Also, we have a reading Club where children are given books to read and return after a week. This helps to develop and encourage a reading culture in them while also improving their vocabulary and emboldening them for public speaking and presentations.

  • Objective
    The Club’s two main objectives are:
    To establish a forum whereby children can be trained to do what is right, instilling Christian virtues into them by which they may live their lives (Prov. 22:6).
    To teach the children skills which would enhance their productivity in all aspects of life. (Prov.8:17).
    The Back to School Summer Camp is a well planned and impactful program for kids with activities lined up as follows;
    Bible Spelling Bee
    Bible Maths Quiz
    Sword Drill
    Creative Writing
    Bible Character Presentation
  • Academic Research
    Recent research has shown that poor spellers are unsuccessful people. For example, misspelled applications mean lost opportunities for getting employment. A great writer but a poor speller will not be able to complete a book. Parents must teach their children the habit of spellings from an early age. Accurate spelling and pronunciation of a word is the first step to Christian and academic success in a child’s life. The Bible gives an important example of why mispronunciation of a word could be a life and death situation. ‘After the battle, the surviving Ephraimites were escaping and came to a stop by soldiers of Gilead. The Ephraimites said; let us go over river Jordan to another side, then men of Gilead said unto him, Art thou an Ephraimite? If he said nay, then said they unto him, say now “Shibboleth” and he said “Sibboleth” for he did not pronounce it right. They took him and slew him.’ While no one will ever lose their life by mispronouncing a word from the Bible, it’s good to know why we need to take God’s Word – whether spoken aloud or read quietly to the self – so very seriously.
    Scripture and Academic Learning
    I believe the program will translate into academic scholarship. A child that permeates Scriptures into studies will be a successful student and excel in classroom competitions. The Spelling Bee will formulate a child’s study habits and prepare him/her well for college entrance examinations. Children will gain greater efficiency and knowledge of the Bible through the spelling competition. Parents also have a responsibility to help their children to study the bible correctly. Acts 17:11 says children must be eager to study scriptures. Matthew 22:29 says of lack of study, “you are wrong because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God.”Mark 4:19 says, “Wealth and worry impair study.” Jeremiah 17:7-8 says, “Success assured whatever circumstances.” Hebrews 13:20-21 says, “Prepare by God to Succeed.” Do not neglect your gift (1 Timothy 4:14), but to use one’s gift for the good of others (1 Peter 4:10). Reading and Spelling Biblical words will reveal the inner secrets of the Holy Bible.
    Disciples of Christ
    Our program is a prayerful exercise and needs commitment and discipline to master the Bible. Readers are leaders, but spellers of Biblical words are the leaders of leaders and true disciples of Christ.
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