Fun for our little friends and maybe fun for you too, won’t you just sleep a little longer and hold off supervising assignments for a while. Phew!

How were the results from last term?

Many smiles or not so happy ones?

Oh well, our little ones are growing and each new day they learn and develop, let’s begin our deep sense of gratitude from there.

Then also, you know that school examinations are not always true test of knowledge right? Oh yes, our young darling might have been panicky for all you know! Plus if this was a first attempt at that level you might just want to look ahead to next examination, first attempts shake even us sometimes don’t they?


Below are a few suggestions you might want to work with this holidays.

Just before that, kindly refuse the temptation to bad mouth the school and other children in relation to this result, especially when your child is within earshot. We definitely do not want to raise rebels! And if the school result brought you glory and pride, get us some homemade snacks annd go to play at , but desist from bragging about us; it’s a long long way yet and we need our head to be within size. You know what that means right?



Alright so here are a few holiday ideas that will help our genius resume school with a super ability!

  • Compare school notes with other schools. Encourage this habit between your child and his cousins, neighbours and friends too. This is a healthy way of knowing just what needs to be adjusted or some new ideas to adopt.



  • Plan hangouts and parties for academic fun. Try out quizzes and activities that will put into consideration their ages, school syllabus and class.
  • Craft creative questions that will make your child respond spontaneously. This can go with afternoon snacks and conversations in the car as you drive around.


  • Search out competitions that your child can enter for. This is commendable. Your child gets to meet other children and is challenged as well as inspired to improve.




  • Try taking on the role of an examination board. Draw up examination questions and employ the services of neutral persons as examiners. This is the time to search out big cousins, aunts, uncles and even family friends. 
Hope these suggestions are an inspiration already. Do not forget that the four walls of a school are just one location with the help of the contract that are by the for a world of knowledge. Your child has the entire world to learn from and you can help him especially during the holidays.

Happy Holidays!!




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