Summary of Day 2 Activities

Good day friends, my name is Fedora Ihaza and I would love to share with you my experience at the NKBC BACK TO SCHOOL KIDDIES SUMMER CAMP 2018.  I am a member of Redeeming Love Chapel so I registered for the NKBC summer camp which usually happens in my Church Premises.

The Second day Activities started as usual with Words of Prayers. This was taken by Olivia Tawo.

Next was Praise and Worship. This was led by the RLC Children’s praise team which I am a part of. We had prepared for this day  and we were ready, Spirit, Soul and Body. My Friend Somfe Ekure took worship while I led Praise. Uncle Chuks said he loved my version of the song “Under the canopy”. It was indeed a refreshing time in his presence.  Immediately after Worship we were addressed by Aunty Tonye and thereafter there was a Beautiful piano performance by one of the kids. His name is Wanemi Opuene-Jonah.

That”s me Leading Praise with my team.(TOP LEFT PIC)
Everyone, Old and Young lost in Worship.







Aunty Tonye, addressing Us and Wanemi’s Piano Presentation


When we had settled down Aunty Ejiro was introduced to us as our first teacher for the day. She was going to be teaching us on Creative writing and we were made to understand in the course of the lecture that Creative Writing“it is a unique way of writing” because it is tied to our creativity and creativity cannot be limited. We equally had a practical session of story writing and it was fun.


Aunty Ejiro Teaching us on Creative Writing
Creativity Mode Activated!!!








The Spelling Bee finals and Bible Math Quiz for Primary 1, 2, 3 took place to get the best in these grades. The scores of the best four participants from each class in both papers was announced and we gave them a “Super Claps” for their performances. Primary one was so outstanding,  as the same four qualified for both Spelling Bee and Bible Math Quiz. They were awarded the best class for the previous day for their behaviour and academic achievements and we celebrated them with a thunderous ovation. The Spelling Bee was oral and highly competitive. We enjoyed the action. In the Bible Math Quiz session, we saw young brains contending for the first position with in-depth knowledge of the Bible.







When we were through with the competitions, we were famished. Lunch of Porridge yam with a bottle of Soft drink was served and it was just what we needed. The little children were not left out of the fun. They had a real good time as they  listened , watched and danced to lively tunes all day.


Little Praiser’s Class
Lunch is served.








After Lunch, Aunty Vivian taught us the art of Tie and Dye and the concept behind it. We made use of raff for tying and other chemicals. We learnt a mono-pattern dye system. We spread our shirts out to on the grass to dry.This was the last Major activity for the day so we gathered back into the hall, sang our theme song, said the closing prayer and waited for our parents to sign us out and take us home.

Tie and Dyeing All the Way. Even the Aunties and Uncle learnt a thing or two.
The Kids having fun while learning the craft of Tie and Dye… NO IDLE HANDS








Watch out for the Summary of Day 3…


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