A Farm, a bank and a factory:

Back in our childhood days, we understood what it meant when you gather with friends upon school resumption to share how you spent your last holidays. It was always the better for us when we had plenty to say.

It is with this understanding, and a few other thoughts that will be shared in another post, that we took the children on a fun excursion just immediately after our summer camp. A trip to a farm, a bank and a body lotion producing factory.

It was a long ride to Pearl treasure farm, but after the Managing director had treated the bunch to some barbeque, catfish, corn and turkey munchies, the distance didn’t matter at all.








The children paid rapt attention as the managing director took them around to see broiler chicks, layer, pigs and piglets, turkey, rabbits, goats, dogs and fishes.


















Being that they came dressed in different house colours, they split into houses to play the egg picking game.

Oh this was one fun part! Some feared the birds might peck them, while others wanted more than anything to win.










In the end the green house won and it was time to set out to our next location.







As random and ordinary as bank proceedings might appear to adults, is how strange the entire business is for growing children. They need to be told the very basics of how deposits and withdrawals are done.

At Sterling Bank,the branch manager as well as the regional head were pleased to have the children, they took them over to the customer service experience officer who explained to them her duty which is to attend to the daily needs of customers and also to open accounts for them.

One of the children wondered if she could come with as much as one million Naira to save in a bank! Oh the thoughts of a child! She was told how limitless the amount is that she can save.

At the counter they were shown the deposit and withdrawal slip.

After taking in all that was explained, one child asked the penalty for forgetting a cheque book. Can withdrawal be done without it?



The teller explained that the only penalty for forgetting your cheque book is a charge for counter check, but of course, savings can be done in that scenario.




The children were taught how money is saved and how withdrawals can be made at the automated teller machine, popularly known as ATM. They took turns operating the machine and were excited.

They all looked forward to opening bank accounts.



Uzo Deji Company was our next and final destination for the day.



A body lotion producing factory whose managing director was eager to show the children around and tell them as much as he knew they could readily understand.

For instance,various chemicals are mixed in certain quantities to produce creams. And there is a standard operation procedure of how cream is produced. Also, cream factory procedures must go in a clockwise direction.






After listening closely, one of the children noted that it was mentioned that a certain acidic content is added to the creams, even when it had been said that acid is dangerous to the skin. So the child needed to know why the risk had to be taken, the risk of adding a content that can burn the skin.



The M.D. smiled and as simply as he could, explained the benefit and safe quantity that will be added to the cream.










In the end, they were each given one container of the body lotion. They bubbled over with excitement!





And that was how the day slowly came to a wrap, and those memories will always be imprinted in their infant minds of the day they visited a farm, a bank and a cream factory.

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